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A look into how Mogilevsky helped reshape Argentine fútbol in 1959 (and why his novel ideas were hardly continued by successors). This piece is timely as Argentina faced its biggest challenge (qualifying for the 1974 World Cup) after another…
Fans in Almagro confront each other and police respond with batons and other forms of excessive violence.
National team head coach Juan José Pizzutti resigns. Sívori and Peucelle - youth team coaches - demonstrate a hope for the future with clear ideas and organization.Meanwhile, AFA continues to exhibit a lack of organization but seems to move in the…
Mogilevsky,Lorenzo, and others discuss what ails Argentine fútbol, what are the pressing needs ahead of the 1974 World Cup, and what needs to be done by the time that the country hosts the 1978 World Cup.
Dellacha's views on tactics and designed plays falls in line with players of his era, who valued the innate talent of the Argentine fútbolero over plays designed on a chalkboard.
Although the eventual organization of the World Cup will pass to another military government, this record is useful
The military government emphasizes the growing importance of Argentina in international sports as it begins to prepare for the 1978 World Cup. The state issues Ley Nº 19.468, ratified by the Ministerio de Bienestar Social on March 6, 1972 (Resolución…
The military government borrows a page out the Peronist playbook and proclaims a national youth soccer tournament in conjunction with Dia de los Niños celebrations
The 1971-1972 players' strike was the first major work stoppage since the one that delayed the 1949 season. AFA strikes a conciliatory tone here.
Ahead of the 1978 World Cup, AFA proclaims amnesty for leagues that splintered from the naiton's governing body during labor disputes in the early 1970s.
Helpfu for charting goal averages

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Ajax becomes world club champions defeating Club Atlético Independiente
The invasion of playing fields - a normal occurrence in Argentine fútbol - escalates and poses a threat to security as social violence in Argentina grows in the early 1970s
An example of how the federal government, via its interventor, penalized players for improper conduct
Helpful in measuring attendance for matches (if average ticket prices are taken into consideration)
Helpful in measuring attendance for matches (if average ticket prices are taken into consideration)
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