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D'Amico tries to explain why different playing styles developed.
Another helpful article on playing styles as perceived by Argentines. Worth noting that Alf Ramsey played left back
Liberti was to River Plate what Santiago Bernabeu was to Real Madrid: iconic Presidents deeply tied to the history and identity of a club. His forced resignation shows that the clamor by fans, driven by magazines like River, affected the club's…
D'Amico the new national team coach? AFA hasn't contacted him for months The national team? No plans in sight This article looks at the lack of planning and organization with the national team
A look into how Mogilevsky helped reshape Argentine fútbol in 1959 (and why his novel ideas were hardly continued by successors). This piece is timely as Argentina faced its biggest challenge (qualifying for the 1974 World Cup) after another…
A well-written article on how Boca could score so few goals in 1968 and yet still stand in second place. It also addresses how more punches than goals are "scored" in a typical match--epitomized by Estudiantes.
The rise of the celebrity coach, only magnified when former star players assume control of teams, means that their window for success is becoming smaller each year.
Yebra provides a good overview of how tactics and formation in Argentina changed over the years. An insightful interview.
The move to a more systematic, and professionalization, of coaching and the use of tactics begins in the late 1940's with coaches who will become important during the 1950s and 1960s (especially with the national team) such as D'Amico, Cesarini, and…
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