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Journalists like Panzeri have long been enamored of Menotti's philosophy about how to play soccer. This article focuses on Huracan's coach, who will eventually become the national team coach in the 1978 World Cup, and whay he values in soccer:…
Mogilevsky,Lorenzo, and others discuss what ails Argentine fútbol, what are the pressing needs ahead of the 1974 World Cup, and what needs to be done by the time that the country hosts the 1978 World Cup.
The same as it ever was. Fan disorder leads to excessive reprisals from police officers.
Comments from players and coaches of Huracán: the darling of the early 1970s
Argentina is the sole candidate for the 1978 World Cup and due to the selection of Mexico as the host of the 1970 tournament, the South American country will be unopposed. A follow-up article shares the concern of FIFA chief Sir Stanley Rous that a…
Harsh criticism for the government's decision to delay the normalization of AFA for two months and to appoint the ninth interventor of AFA, Fernando Mitjans.
Perón's explicit view of the role of sports in 1973-1974
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