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The first advertisement is one of the earliest advertisements for soccer goods from the popular store Gath & Chaves. The second is an advertisement for chocolate that draws upon negative stereotypes of a black woman as a nanny for white children…
Automobile, crack, love, and a puppy. The middle-class lifestyle of star players like Corbatta.
This article is an example of the middle-class lifestyle professional fútbol players embraced and which the media portrayed on a regular baiss in the 1950s.
Are Dellacha's words an example of hubris, or merely a positive appraisal of Argentine fútbol?
Yet another example of how the sports press portrayed fútbol players as model citizens and symbols of middle-class ascendancy.
Cartoon shows a naked woman who only asks for a Cadillac, ridiculing the superficiality of consumerism that she is willing to bypass clothes for a luxury car.
Rebutting the idea that investing in television weakens the country, Qué makes the argument that a national industry centered on electronic goods production would enhance national security. This is a helpful article to see how adapting foreign ideas…
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