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Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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The first advertisement is one of the earliest advertisements for soccer goods from the popular store Gath & Chaves. The second is an advertisement for chocolate that draws upon negative stereotypes of a black woman as a nanny for white children…
Masculinity, proper etiquette, and class sensibilities are all on display in this interesting piece by El Grafico
Workers across classes embrace in the construction of the New Argentina. The 2nd quinquenal is listed as a major asset and a quote from Martin Fierro.
A variety of superlatives color the account of the opening cermonies of the 1951 Pan-American Games. There is some mention of the ticket prices and the fact that Perón was concerned about the ability of the nation's "most humble" citizens being able…
Sample entries from a textbook for early readers from the early 1950s. Of particular note is that the first word printed to teach children how to read is "Eva". The story of King Midas is also a way of criticizing the oligarchs and people obsessed…
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