Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Congratulations to Estudiantes, victors due to the their effort, sporting spirit, and teamwork.
A request is made to allow players called into the national team to play for their club teams in matches for the Copa Libertadores. The request not approved through voting. As a result, a scheduled pre-World Cup tour of Europe is cancelled (to allow…
Badge for players who participate in the Eva Perón youth tournaments
Peron surrounded by youth players
Team picture of Celtic, with positive faces after a hard-fought match. They would feel differently leaving Argentina to Montevideo.
Sivori, Angelillo and other with coach Stabile
Shows how teams shifted to more defensive styles, centered on preventing goals by all means, during the late 1950s
Evita kicks off a match at her youth tournament
Evita salutes youth athletes (soccer players) at the opening ceremony

Using data in a specific way, the magazine makes the argument that Argentina is the best team on the continent. The data can make a similar (or stronger case) for Uruguay. A little bit of Peronist propaganda.
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