Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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This scene shows how education and schooling became important vehicles for the dissimination of football. Here, Scotsman Alexander Watson Hutton teaches his young "criollo" pupils a lesson about sports and life in general.
Escuela de campeones helped immortalize Alexander Watson Hutton as the "father" of fútbol in Argentina, making him criollo by virtue of his commitement to Argentina and its people.
Comedic actor Luis Sandrini sits a card table with others in the film El cañonero de Giles.
Is Sweden in the rearview mirror? Goles seems to think so after Argentina wins the 1959 South American championship
Although many critics believed that Argentina's problems would continue at the 1959 South American championship, Goles celebrates the positive results thus far in the tournament.
Although this article offers praise for Pelé's talent, and his humility, it nonetheless portrays him as an "other" surrounded by adoring white fans and labeled as the "black angel."
Notice how the Argentine press begins to take notice of the alarming rise of Brazilian futebol, which served as a reminder that Argentine fútbol was on a long decline that required attention.
This article is a perfect example of how star players had become major celebrities in Argentina. But the difference here is that the detials of the private life of Sívori, now playing in Italy, receives as much attention as local players. In the…
Ardigo remains convinced about the superiority of Argentine fútbol based on its match with Chile.
The title says it all. After winning the last four South American championships in undefeated fashion, Ardigo - like most porteño sports writers - is convinced of the superiority of Argentine fútbol.
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