Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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The second match between England and Argentina was eventually called off due to the pouring rain in Buenos Aires that left the field in unplayable conditions.
Included in this game summary is an article about Perón and the impression he left for ther British press. Also, the article in the BAH was written by an English referee, John Meade, who works in Argentina Oddly enough, the title of the article…
A bilingual editorial about the diplomatic potential of a football game
Record crowd of over 120,000 expected to see England in Argentina play at River Plate Stadium. Brief comments from both head coaches (Stabile and Winterbottom). About 3.3 million pesos earning for the Argentine Football Association.
Some brief notes abou the closing of the 1951 Pan-American Games.
British referees make their debut at the start of the 1948 first division season. The Buenos Aires Herald notes that the foreign officials "controlled all the games, and each one did a definitely good job of work."
A capacity crowd endured the pouring rain to witness the second match between Argentina and England (total revenue for this game stood at 3.2 million pesos). The referee eventually suspended the match as playing conditions worsened, leading Sir…
President Juan Perón congratulates members of the national team for their victory over England at River Plate stadium. Worth noting that Perón's message was conveyed by the football players' union (Futbolistas Argentinos Agremiados), which the…
Effusive praise for the Argentine national team and its convincing win over England at River Plate stadium.
The article previews the highly-publicized match between Argentina and England, with a useful primer for readers that details the footballing history between both nations - especially the performance of English club teams in their visits to Argentina…
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