Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Reports indicate a airly spirited but fair match between Argentina and England in Chile, which differed from the volatile matches that marred group play in the tournament. The paper notes that Argentina did not field its ideal starting XI due to a…
The article actually previews all the matches of the group stage, with specific attention to the England vs. Argentina game. It laments the violence on the field, particularly the Italy vs. West Germany game, which has led to a string of injuries…
This is a helpful look at how clubs increased their activities in international matches after Perón. Boca played their international matches only in South America and even played exhibition matches in the provinces.
Overtly physical plays between Argentina and Uruguay leaves sports writers baffled at the state of the national team just weeks before the World Cup. Another article in this issue is dismayed by the lack of offense displayed by the national team…
More effusive praise for Argentina's national team
Uruguay played a dirty and physical game, according to Mundo Deportivo, which explains why Argentina lost the final match.
Interesting on two fronts: no reason is provided for why Argentina did not bother to show up in neighboring Brazil for the World Cup. It also reinforces the pride that Argentina shares with Uruguay's successes.
Cartoon and commentary demeans Uruguayan victory. Not only does it try to invalidate it as unjust, but also portrays Uruguayans as savages in racialized terms. No longer are they the "porteño" brothers of a similar culture (gaucheque, mate,…
The commentary accuses Uruguayans of perfecting rough play and cheating
After saluting the "martyrs"-the Argentine hinchas-the article criticizes the Uruguyans for being poor sports in everything
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