Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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More fallout from the Chile-Italy match, including the serious injuries sustained by Humberto Maschio (and injuries to other stars like Pele and Di Stefano) during Italy's matych against Chile.
Two articles on the violent (and still notorious) match between Chile and Italy that became symbolic of the ills of "modern" and "anti"'fútbol. Another note explains how two Italian players, Ferrini and David, were expelled from the match against…
The article actually previews all the matches of the group stage, with specific attention to the England vs. Argentina game. It laments the violence on the field, particularly the Italy vs. West Germany game, which has led to a string of injuries…
Alberto Poletti is banned for life from playing professional soccer in Argentina, while his teammates are handed down 20-30 match suspensions and are banned for 3-5 years from international soccer.
This is AFA's official denouncement of the behavior of Estudiantes players after their match against Italy's AC Milan
AFA modified the rules governing player behavior one day before Estudiantes played AC Milan in the second leg of the Copa Intercontinental. With these new rules in place, AFA justified the penalties handed down on October 23…although AFA had no idea…
Police intervene in match between Estudiantes and San Lorenzo in 1968
Scuffle between players between River Plate and Boca Juniors leads to police intervention
Good commentary on soccer and national identity. It contrasts criollo attributes of 'gambeta' with sharp elbows and dirty plays.
Overtly physical plays between Argentina and Uruguay leaves sports writers baffled at the state of the national team just weeks before the World Cup. Another article in this issue is dismayed by the lack of offense displayed by the national team…
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