Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Despite the "impasse" of trade negotiations between Argentina and the U.K. over beef, the Buenos Aires Herald notes that trade figures suggest that the political rhetoric did not match up with the realities of good crossing the Atlantic (50% increase…
Covering the period October 1, 1968 to September 30, 1969, these records details financial transactions of CABJ, the income generated by the professional fútbol team, and expenses including many services to its members (such as the club library).
These records make a point to emphasize the costs related to the Ciudad Deportiva project (under control!) and the fact they do not limit the normal atheltic and cultural functions of the club.
Covering the period October 1, 1967 to September 30, 1968, these records details financial transactions of CABJ (and the income generated by the professional fútbol team).
In light of the high budget, and slow development, of the Ciudad Deportiva project, CABJ felt compelled to share with its members the results of government inspections and costs associated with the project for the previous fiscal year.
These pages show club membership figures, earnings from club dues (broken down by age, gender, and location), and expenditures for cultural activities at CABJ.
These records show expenditures for the Ciudad Deportiva project. This report offered club members a chance to see the fiscal progress of this ambitious development.
These records show income and expenditures for CABJ, fiscal year October 1966 to September 1967, including revenue generated from the professional fiútbol team. Also included is a list of the major club donors and their contributions for the year.
Records show that CABJ enjoyed a 38% increase in club revenues from the previous fiscal year.
Details of the massive infrastructure project includes financial records, committee members, and stages of the project underway and planned for the future (swimming pool, bridges, paved walkways).
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