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Typical announcements for sports events or meetings. This issue of The Standard announces two general meetings for the Buenos Ayres Lawn Tennis Club (to adopt rules and regulations) and the B.A. Cricket Club, as well as a horse race meeting at the…
Established in 1884, the Buenos Aires English High School was located on Sante Fe Avenue in Palermo, with room for 50 boarders and 500 students. Self-described as the largest private school in Argentina, BAEHS grounds included a tennis court for…
A news brief on a baseball game played on the river side of Palermo. This may be the first recorded game of baseball in Argentina.
A recap of a football match played between Montevideo and Buenos Ayres in Hurlingham, a town in the province of Buenos Aiures. The locals won by a score of 4-1 with goals from Nash, Anderson, and Lacy (first scorer not listed). At the end, the…
A cartoon that pokes fun at the player violence that had become the norm in Argentine soccer. In the image, a player kicks through a referee's chest and lops off his opponent's head with his soccer cleats. This is one of the earliest examples of such…
The first advertisement is one of the earliest advertisements for soccer goods from the popular store Gath & Chaves. The second is an advertisement for chocolate that draws upon negative stereotypes of a black woman as a nanny for white children…
Image shows a postcard of the R.M.S.P. "Arlanza," which carried the Motherwell F.C. delegation back to Scotland.
Colorized image of Plymouth Argyle F.C. players before one of their matches in Argentina in 1924.
Third Lanark A.C. players before their match in Argentina in 1923.
Members of the Motherwell F.C. delegation at Waterloo Station in London, headed to Southampton, where they will then board the R.M.S.P Almanzora to South America.
Colorized image of the Argentine "Select" team from the provincial leagues before their match against Motherwell (May 17, 1928)
Pre-game moment when the captain of Motherwell F.C., Robert Ferrier, receives a gift (club pendant flag) from Peñarol officials. Motherwell's manager, John "Sailor" Hunter, is pictured to the far right.
Image shows a postcard of the R.M.S.P. "Arlanza," which carried the Motherwell F.C. delegation back to Scotland.
Image of Robert Ferrier: forward and captain of Motherwell F.C.
Referee blows his whistle during a match bewteen Motherwell F.C. and a "select" team of players from the league in Rosario.
Various articles in the local press gave readers an opportunity to know F.C. Motherwell ahead of its numerous exhibition matches in Argentina. Source not identified.
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