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"Savages", "fair play", "civility"…all come to question with the treatment El Grafico's writers claim to have received in Manchester Estudiantes are also held up as models of civility Propaganda
After a brief account of the game, El Grafico takes time to criticize the foreign (English) press for exaggerating the physicality of the match…even as far as comparing English journalists to Goebbels!
Worth noting the change in language and tone in this report of Estudiantes' victory
Article is useful for taking into account a foreign lens
A more analytical account of the Intercontinental Cup
Perhaps helpful in understanding the coach's mindset before the ugly, physical matches that led to several Estudiantes players facing criminal charges and bans from AFA.
An article that sways between honoring the achievements of Estudiantes and worrying about their methods and culture of incidents. This is the closest article that is able to praise and blame equally.
The author believes that Estudiantes-known for overly physical play and whining to officials-does deserve "preferential treatment": as the exception to a sport played by teams that respect the rules. A very helpful article in listing matches and…
More than the coverage of the first match, this article extensively covers English perceptions of Argentines.
This article is noteworthy for its subdued nature. Here, the victory over English side Manchester United is examined for its international implications but in a manner that avoids patriotism. Instead, it focused on the English perceptions of…
In the preview to their anticipated matches against Manchester United, these articles aim to provide readers with a better understanding of Estudiantes and their approach to playing soccer.
A reference to ”animales” resurfaces, while various accounts of the 2nd leg of the 1968 Intercontinental Cup provide a summary of the match, as well as critical reviews in the European press about the rough style of play of Estudiantes.
The head of FIFA, Sir Stanley Rous, writes a letter to the AFA to diffuse tensions over George Best's call for Manchester fans to embody a "warrior" spirit ahead of the 2nd match of the 1968 Intercontinental Cup. Estudiantes staff, meanwhile,…
Bemoaning the tactics and physical play of the Argentines, described by one British journalist as akin to Bismark's idea of diplomacy, press accounts from England worry about what Argentinean players are bringing to the world game. Also: official…
Various reports focus on the physicality of the match between Manchester United and Estudiantes
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