Animales: Civilization and Barbarism in Argentine Soccer

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Critical of the soccer Argentina employed, delighted with the result, River's assessment is far different than other news outlets. Of course, the solution to its problems and best aspects of the national team are the same: players from River Plate.
The best part of this article is that it highlights two seminal moments that defined Argentine soccer: the 1958 World Cup (worst disaster) and the 1964 Cup of Nations (best success) Both tournaments produced noticeable shifts in Argentine soccer The…
Juvenal's assessment is that "yesterday" and "today" are not clear, how do we know when "yesterday's soccer" ends? It also looks at 1964 as a better season for soccer, more vibrant attacking, but also more violence on the field as fouls are used…
Can be an insightful article because the writer includes the perspective of the Boca fan, who values tough men willing to get dirty and show their machismo on the field, and juxtaposes it with the writer's own preference for a player that remembers…
The situation with Nueva Chicago fans is getting out of hand according to El Grafico
El Grafico tries to contextualize behavior of players and coaches that was still out of bounds
Violent incidents in the stands
Editorial that condemns the leadership of Raul Colombo at the head of the AFA

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Tactics, Helenio Herrera, Giudice, and what happened in Europe What is interesting about this article are Herrera's own words, where he acknowledges using catenaccio and "anti-football" tactics to win
The visit of Inter Milan must have left an impression on Atlanta's coaching staff according to El Grafico
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