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Coverage of the ceremonial approval for Racing's new stadium, including the presence of Perón, Ramón Cereijo, and other government officials.
Citing corruption, ineptitude, and dwindling attendance, this commentary labels club officials like Boca Juniors' Armando as "pirates" linked to "mafia"-like elements because they raise enormous sums in dubious ways–such as lottery and raffle tickets…
Ribas is incredulous that club and AFA officials are absolving themselves of any blame for the labor impasse and laying responsibility on the feet of the players.
Despite the myth that the sale of Enrique Omar Sívori financed the construction of the 4th side of River Plate's stadium, the plans were set in motion well before his transfer in 1958.
In 1946, after Perón rises to power, Racing appeals to the Minister for Housing, Ramón Cereijo, for a federal subsidy to build a new, massive stadium. The plans are presented in this article. The timing also suggests that Racing benefited from the…
By hosting interzonal games in neutral sites, new AFA policies seem to affect club members who pay reduced fees at their local stadium.
Raúl Scalibrini Ortiz is skpetical of the goverment's rhetoric on democracy while eschewing foreign capital and investments. This a brief look at the writings of one of the most influential intellectuals of the Frondizi era.
The first in a long-running and extensive coverage of the 1948 players' strike
Dante Panzeri rebuts critics who defend the "modern" style as one that fosters higher revenue and better results. Instead, he uses data to show how soccer has declined.
Article presents the grievances and concerns of club officials, AFA, and the players
Club officials place sanctions on players for heavy losses due to their strike, but the article asks a good question: are fans equally to blame for their insistence, as club associates, for major products that lead to club debts?
Popular sports magazines like Campeón offer an insight into the concerns of fans, such as ticket prices
Magazine asks if the club should sell Sivori for 10 million pesos: the cost needed to finalize the final phase of construction for the Monumental
Racing is pursuing Juan Manuel Moreno, a star player from River Plate who left to play in Mexico for more money. Clubs affected by their players leaving, without being compensated through transfer fees, feel less inclined to provide amnesty to these…
An ex-club official bemoans the erosion of club member's rights as club directors try to maximize as much profit as possible. The case here involves asking club members to pay tickets for international exhibition matches (club dues pay for regular…
Citing the big money, and legal betting systems, found in Europe, Néstor Ruiz suggests that referees will be under great pressure to favor European teams. This is an example of setting expectations low and appealing to the Argentine sense of justice…
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