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River accuses AFA officials and President of trying to make it difficult for River to succeed by arguing for more parity, instead of viewing River as a model of progress.
You reap what you sow. The 'animal' created at Estudiantes is not only a product of tolerance at the club but also derives from the state of Argentine soccer.
Fascinating back and forth between a fan magazine and that club's President. Both level accusations of unprofessionalism and disloyalty to the club.
Like Nestor Rossi ten years earlier, the magazine comes to the defense of its 'hard' player, El Chamaco Rodriguez, for being the target of referees in the league. The last sentence is ominous, with a call for 'violentas cartas'.
Just weeks after giving Boca, now coached by former River legend Alfredo DiStefano, its first loss the magazine highlights the 'anti-futbol' of Estudiantes.
Alluding to collusion, the magazine points River's loss squarely to the referee. The match was also violent and left many players injured.
When River plays in small stadiums, the fandom that follows River Plate defies stadium security and capacity measures.
Letter from River President Julian Kent absolving the club from any negligence on stadium security
Previously in the same issue, River tries to use the 'animal' insult as a badge of pride (see page 4). Here it acknowledges that 'futbol moderno', whether people like it or not, is the reality of Argentine soccer embodied in Estudiantes.
The magazine disagress with the opinion of Estudiantes executives, instead asking Argentines to show that they were offended. The 'student-teacher' relationship should not be continued.
Argentine hospitality, British hypocrisy. The magazine absolves the dirty play and tactics of Esudiantes by citing a similar style of play by the English. It also showed Argentine hospitality was rebuffed by accustaions of its players as 'salvajes',…
A magazine for fans will obviously try to absolve (or at least find a scapegoat) for the irrational actions of fans. Is this the more noticeable rise of the 'barras brava', described here as 'un pequeño sector de inadaptados'?
Team official tries to set the record straight on Puerta 12
Images and reporting provide a look into the tragedy of Puerta 12
Cover image and title, 'Horro', describes the events of Puerta 12
An 'outsider's' view of the violent and ugly match between Racing and Estudiantes for the Copa Libertadores
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