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A useful overview of some of the problems in Argentinean soccer Panzeri characterizers "reformers" as people who always look towards Europe for answers He also believes that fundamental changes will not occur because professional soccer was born with…
The point of this article is to show that even in Italy fans are capable of barbárie
Even after the tragedy of Puerta 12, club officials still sell more tickets than seats…causing mass confusion and overcrowding that has been shown to be unsafe for spectators.
This report mostly focuses on the Celtic reaction to the injury to Ronnie Simpson, not so much on the physical aspects of the match. For their part, Argentine journalists immediately shift to the third game, while Foreign press accounts, such as “A…
Film existed of the attack. It showed who attacked him, and who participated even indirectly. The faces of the assassins were captured and they were later identified. Some suspects were merely arrested for interrogation, but it was unknown how many…
The interventor at AFA (Valentín Suárez) suggests that fútbol clubs and police will work together to ensure greater vigilance at stadiums.
The main article chastises club and city officials for not taking stadium security seriously until a tragedy occurs. Another article looks at the effect of new stadium investigations on Ferro Oeste.
These four teams are cited as having insufficiently safe stadiums to hold the number of spectators they receive on a regular basis. AFA is working with stat officials to improve stadium conditions.
This article's nostalgic look at the amateur era of fútbol in Argentina is also a rebuke of the current state of professional fútbol and the level of violence at stadiums.
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