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Recap of the 1952 season through the eyes of Mundo Deportivo
Linesman is assailed by fan in this brief roundup of weekly soccer
Brief overview of River Plate's 1952 championship season
This article summarizes the close Primera B season
The triumph of Argentina in the 1959 Copa Sudamericana leaves the writers of Mundo Deportivo happy at the result but not satisfied with the state of Argentine soccer.
No lessons learned from 1958. That is the verdict of the magazine in observing an Argentine side that fails to master the ball and plays a defensive approach.
The re-election of Raul Colombo as AFA President also shows Mundo Deportivo that the organization is full of the vices of Argentine soccer: its own survival and parasites.
Linker's death receives more attention than in El Grafico
By focusing on athleticism and training, no criticism is leveld at the style of polay of the Argentine player. 'Simply work harder' is the common lesson learned from 1958.
The idea of a commission to investigate responsibilities and determine actions is welcomes in light of 1958.
Using 5 points, Besio lists the ills of Argentine soccer and addresses foreign perceptions of the Argentine team and its players.
Having previously stated the many faults of preparation the magazine allows itself a chance to say 'I told you so'.
Assesses the changes and adaptations needed for success moving forward: better preparation, more speed, less pride (and sense of entitlement鈥ore humility), and a harder work ethic.
players arrived with chants of '¡que se vayan!' and coins thrown at them by irate fans at the airport.
The quality of the AFA and the national team is clearly called into question. Yet, the quality of 'futbol argentino' is not looked at with the same lens.
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