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Good article for looking at the cultural influence of soccer and issues of masculinity.
The article explores why Huracán is breaking scoring records.
The first article, “¡Basta!”, suggests that what happened yesterday has no explanation. The author states that it’s unbelievable that a group that lives with us are maladjusted and capable of taking their ferocity to extreme crime even.…
Seijo is also the name of the club President, who seems to have made his fortune in various businesses such as real estate and glass products. Either way, this ad shows off refined men's fashion in the club magazine.
Boxing, the appearance of music and film celebrities, and dance are all part of the social activities hosted by the club.
Helpful to see how government intervention, now running over four years, has affected AFA.
Yebra provides a good overview of how tactics and formation in Argentina changed over the years. An insightful interview.
This chart should be examined with reports from the end of the season
Although some of the perpetrators are minors, and therefore the judges cannot release information, the newspaper was able to determine that four people had been detained in the death of Héctor Souto.
British referees make their debut at the start of the 1948 first division season. The Buenos Aires Herald notes that the foreign officials "controlled all the games, and each one did a definitely good job of work."
Autopsy reports show that the mob of disoriented fans suffocated Héctor Souto, who died of a heart attack.
Very useful set of data, including penalties for players
Benicio Acosta shares his coaching philosophy (which sounds pragmatic and designed to not cede any initiative to rival teams-the style en vogue during the 1960s)
Citing that the poor play by two of the top teams in Argentina is neither old nor modern, the paper describes this match as one lacking in tactics and intelligent play. Instead, it was a match where tactics, technique, speed, effort, love for the…
Manhunt for those responsible for the death of the young man Souto. Accounts by eyewitnesses demonstrate that an avalanche could not have caused his death and injuries, but rather antagonistic groups' hostility caused his death; the avalanche…
Argentine greatness is established by comparing the capacity of stadiums in Buenos Aires to US baseball stadiums (although both stadiums serve different purposes and game schedules--comparing to football stadiums would have been better).
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